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Is humanity withering away?
At the last SSEW birthday event I had to buy a lot of candy for the party bags. I drove out to God only knows where – took me forever – to go to this store at the base of an HDB I’d researched which had wholesale candy. I had only 1 day to pack the bags, it was hot and I was stressed…

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It’s time. Let’s talk about the “B” word. Botox. If this word offends you then look away now pls.

Many people want to know about Botox; have received many PM’s from people asking for an ANONYMOUS post asking for referrals. So that got me thinking. Why anonymous? Why on EARTH is there a stigma?

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When I began my expat journey it was like I was entering into a long-distance relationship. I was leaving my love; my life partner and I had only ever been with one. Australia. Specifically – Melbourne. The only country I had ever lived in. My first and only. We had been together a VERY long time…

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