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Hundreds of businesses have taken advantage of our advertising options

We are proud to have a staggering 95% rate of activity with our 6,500+ members, so why not have your brand benefit?

You can choose a  written post or a video post (produced by SSEW) 
Ads can appear in our SSEW arena consisting of
*SSEW public page
* SSEW community Facebook page
* IG
* Seasoned Business Women (B2B)
Founder of SSEW, Nici Schueler has positioned herself as an influencer within the community – she will also happily comment on your product or service if one is made available to her.
When you advertise with SSEW, we package up your proposition and essentially guarantee that thousands of expat women will know your business exists!
Please reach out to request our current rates (starting price from $350)