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OM - Dr. Oberdan Marianetti

Dr Oberdan Marianetti opened in Singapore in 2015 to serve the local community on all their relationship and sexuality challenges. Intrigued by the secrets of the mind, Dr Oberdan first qualified as a psychologist 15 years ago and worked both in corporate and private settings to support individuals, couples and groups to rediscover their innate power for productivity, creativity and service.
Today, the clinic has evolved to offer a broader range of services, eventually establishing itself as a respected, reputable, and trusted place for healing. It has grown to serve a diverse clientele from over 50 countries, who present life challenges ranging from stress, anxiety and depression, to the specialised sexual and relational ones experienced in silence by many.
We welcome clients from any walk of life, and look forward to continuing growing as a valuable service provider to our local and international communities.


Dr Dharna - Ayurveda Wellness

Ayurveda Wellness

beAyur is an extension of service from Om Vedic Heritage Centre Pte Ltd. which has been in the health and wellness business since 2010. BeAyur is a premium Retail Health Store with Personalised Health Coaching, in the heart of Singapore’s financial and commercial centre, Tanjong Pagar.

It is established with the objective to serve as a premium retail health store with a range of pure and natural wellness products and supplements. Its wide range of products include Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines, Health Supplements, OTC Skin & Hair Care Products, General Health Products, Organic Food, Yoga Essentials etc.


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Dr Simon Neo

The Psychotherapy Clinic

Dr. Simon is a Psychotherapist by training, he has a Doctor of Psychology in Group Psychotherapy and is a Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) from the USA. Simon has a private practice known as “The Psychotherapy Clinic” both in Singapore and Bangkok. He has done work both with Chulalongkorn University and Assumption University of Thailand. He has worked with a wide variety of individuals and companies, with concerns such as marital issues, mental disorders (DSM-5), relationships and employee assistance program (EAP). He is a much sought-after resource speaker, corporate trainer and lecturer, known for his passion, enthusiasm, humour and dedication.

On a personal note, Simon loves life and embraces love, he thrives on humour and gravitates towards meaningful connections. Simon is fun-loving, likeable, enthusiastic, trusting, and trustworthy. He has the unconditional positive regard for others that makes him a joy to work with.  

Read his recent research paper: The Vulnerability of Men: Swimming Upstream Toward Intimacy



Rafiya Sultana - Neuroexcel

Neuroexcel Pte Ltd

Rafiya Sultana is Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker. She is a contributing author of a soon to be published book “Perspective matters” – A voyage from an emotion to excellence. She helps leaders to improve their performance with Clarity, Confidence, and Courage. She delivered her keynote in five countries and is recognized as a catalyst of change and awarded “101 Asia’s most talented Coaching Leader ” and “women Super Achiever ” by World HRD Congress.

She provides personalized coaching for senior leaders and teams with Marshall Goldsmith stakeholders Centered Coaching to accelerate their professional growth. Rafiya Sultana brings her experience and expertise in mindset shift with NLP and case studies in human behavioral patterns in response to change. She is a Master practitioner of NLP and trained under cocreator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler from London.




Connect Counselling & Psychotherapy

Connect Counselling and Psychotherapy honours the fundamental need of all human beings; that is to find relational fulfilment, understanding our connection with others and with ourselves. We aim to help those who struggle with the many challenges we face in life and in our closer relationships; from frequent miscommunication, to negative attitudes, rigid mindsets and difficult emotions.  

Sometimes, the hurt and pain we receive can make us lose hope, and enriching and nourishing relationships can seem so far away. In very evident ways, relational struggles deeply impact our moods and emotions. Anxiety and depression are two very common results, in turn blocking our openness and enjoyment of life. Yet, when you choose to travel with a highly trained and caring professional partner, we can turn such setbacks into a liberating journey. Connect deeply believes in partnering with you in this journey of explorative solution-finding. 



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Dynamics Psychological Practice

Dynamics Psychological Practice is a team of registered Clinical Psychologists and Educational Psychologists, who follow evidence based practice and research. Every therapist is trained and accredited in providing the highest standards of quality service and follows the DSM 5 as a frame of reference. Psychologists use different psychological assessments and intervention to help children, adolescents, adults, couples, parents, and families. We provide different psychological services such as diagnosis, assessment, therapy, and psycho-education for a wide range of psychological concerns in all age groups.



guided child

The Guided Child

The Guided Child is a special needs consultancy service. We guide parents to
therapists, professionals and schools for their child’s additional and individual needs.
We offer:
· Guidance Consultation: Therapist and Professional Matching
· New to Singapore Services: School and Therapy Matching
· Speech and Language Services
Jacquie has been a speech therapist for over 18 years and has worked extensively with
teams of paediatricians, occupational therapists, psychologists, international schools and
admission departments in various parts of the world.
In her 18 years she has been asked “Who is the best speech therapist for my son?” and
“Where do I go for occupational therapy?” Her answer is always the same – “For what
Just as each child is unique, each therapist is unique. For quality therapy and effective
progress, a good ‘child – therapist’ match for the child’s current need is ideal for holistic




Mary Barrett Global

I am an ABNLP Certified NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist who is passionate about coaching others to achieve FREEDOM from their unconscious limitations to live and BE the best version of themselves.

For over 3 decades I have been educating, inspiring and empowering Senior Executives to clear the chaos of their mind and gain clarity to make transformational, sustainable changes to increase both Personal Effectiveness and Business Results.

Some of the key areas clients work with me are to –
– Stop feeling overwhelmed, anxious and worried
– Tune out negativity
– Improve mental well-being and balance
– Build core confidence and empowering self-beliefs
– Develop extreme resilience and powerful presence
– Find their authentic voice and purpose

My work has given me the fantastic opportunity to work both in Europe and Asia within all types of industries, including Barclays, Disney, Nestle Waters, BMW, MINI to name but a few.




Professional Hypnotherapy & Counseling

Karita is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She started her hypnotherapy business 13 years ago and holds a double master’s degree in Psychology and Social Work.

Karita helps her clients with behavioral and emotional issues, bad habits, fears, and takes away their self-limiting beliefs, or just gives them peace of mind and happiness.

Hypnotherapy is not a hypnosis stage-show and is a faster treatment than counseling. It also doesn’t involve psychiatric prescription medication.

Hypnotherapy can change your issues permanently. Karita will help you “empty the cup”, get rid of the burden of the past and then fill the cup, reprogram your mind with positive suggestions. Karita promises to do her best because SHE CARES about her clients.

Karita donates 10% of her income to orphans in Cambodia.



SM collage

Soul Mosaic

For us, each patient is unique and we approach you in an open-minded and curious way.
In our work, we will build a colourful mosaic of you, as an individual. This gives your therapist the opportunity to develop a holistic and unique therapy approach to support you to rescript your life, restructure your inner map and to reverse the past. We help you make sense of your situation and clear the path for a renewed sense of enthusiasm for life.



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More Mindful

More Mindful is a specialized parental mental health counselling clinic which provides comprehensive clinical interventions for women who are suffering from the range of prenatal and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. In addition, we are passionate about providing the same level of psychological support to the husbands and partners, help couples transition into parenthood through couples counselling and guide the whole family to a healthy emotional start.

Our clinic operates from Raffles Place and Mother and Child clinic at Tanglin Mall. We offer online and phone counselling consultations; house calls and hospital visits can also be arranged.


  • Prenatal and Postnatal Anxiety / Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Fear of giving birth
  • Complicated pregnancy
  • Miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss
  • Traumatic Birth
  • Anger management for parents of young children
  • Support for fathers


Leonardo Talpo

The Business of Marriage

Since 2004 my passion has been helping married couples to live a more meaningful and fulfilling individual and family life. More than 400 couples of different cultures, with their stories, have equipped me with countless of insights and knowledge that helped the building of my applying marriage counselling model. My Intersystem tailor-made Model of the Marriage creates a sustainable breakthrough in the struggling couples, helping them organically progress and re-design the relationship they always wished.

Often, marriage deteriorates to the point of no return before partners even decide that something must be done. Waiting does not help improve your marriage, very often is too late! Successful couples develop through a continuous process of self-study, education, trust, respect, commitment, love, experience, forgiveness and a sustainable healthy intimacy.

Love and romance is what we all long for, but make no mistake, in The Business of Marriage, marriage is work!



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At counsellingconnectz, it’s our passion and wish to creating a safe place for our clients to find autonomy, empowerment, independence, direction and balance in their lives and relationships. We are committed to every individual and couple, using a broad range of techniques. Whatever your challenge is, we are here to provide you with emotional and mental support on your journey.

All our counsellors are Certified Master Practitioners registered with APACS (Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors of Singapore), SAC (Singapore Association of Counsellors) and/or ANZICA (Australian and New Zealand Infertility Counsellor Association) and a variety of memberships according to their special interest (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Coaching, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, EMDR, Fertility, Gottman’s Couples Therapy, Grief & Loss, Hypnobirthing, Hypnotherapy, PTSD, Sleep disorder, Solution-focused Brief Therapy, Trauma).

We run an Infertility Support Group, conduct specific training for couples undergoing fertility treatments as well as certification trainings for professionals. Our study research results have been presented at international medical conferences.




ReDefine Wellness

ReDefine Wellness is an integrated wellness boutique. We help you manage your physical, emotional and spiritual health by working with your subconscious mind. It can help release old energetic blocks, belief patterns or emotions that do not serve you. Areas in which Regression therapy and Hypnotherapy are used:

• Troubling behaviour and attitude patterns that have persisted over time, despite attempts to change

• Relationship dynamics that seem to have a life of their own

• Phobias – intense fears, such as fear of heights or fear of water, that seem unconnected to an experience in the current life

• Chronic physical ailments, sensations and pains

• Dominant attitudes or emotions that seem to persist

• Ingrained beliefs such as: “Leave me alone”, “No one understands me”, “Life isn’t fair”, “I have to do it alone”

• Clear emotional stress, trauma and emotional issues

• Managing feelings of anxiety or depression

• Seeking to find meaning or purpose of life 




Counseling Perspective

Dr. Glenn Graves has been counselling expatriate families in Southeast Asia since 2004.

Glenn holds a PhD in Psychology with specialisation in Creativity and Existential-Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy and believes that being creatively adaptive is an essential component in healing. His Master’s Degree focused on healing approaches for victims of human trafficking. This laid the foundation for a career focused on healing trauma and communities in crisis. He specialises in EMDR (eye movement desensitisation reprocessing) which is effective in replacing any negative self-belief with something more realistic and helpful. Addiction, anxiety, self-esteem, depression, grief, phobias, etc. can be drastically shifted to a functional and healthy state in short amount of time.

He is an accredited facilitator for the FOCCUS marriage preparation and enrichment programme, and is a member of the Singapore Psychological Society. Glenn has been trained as a crisis responder by the National Organization for Victim Assistance.



Team Incontact @2021

Incontact Counselling & Training

Incontact was formed by three psychotherapists and their passion to create a space for a practice, where they can build deep therapeutic relationships that empower clients towards change. We are bound by root level experience of working within the community and then enlarging our skills to work with both the ex-pat and local community. All our counsellors are certified Master Practitioners registered with SAC (Singapore Association of Counsellors) and a variety of memberships according to their specialised interests (EMDR, Gottman Couples Therapy, Trauma, Hypnotherapy, Adoption, Fertility, to mention but a few). Our therapists have experience working with diverse nationalities and multinational organizations. In all that we do, our core is to establish an alliance with the client, that is safe, productive and attuned.




White Canvas Therapy

I am a psychoanalyst and I like to work with individuals, families, couples, teenagers and older children and I also give workshops on family matters. I started my journey through Freud & Lacan, but today I gather to my work a lot using broader concepts of psychoanalysis of contemporary thinkers like Winnicott, Ferenczi, the relational thinkers like Lewis Aron, Steve Mitchell and Joyce Slochower.

My compromise is to always be learning and updated among the recent theories and modalities, filtering what is serious and what is relevant to a deeper construction with my patients that can result on good understanding of themselves. I don’t believe in BandAid therapy, or any method of “easy psychotherapy” as I believe we have to dig deeper to understand past patterns and the underlying reasons why we put ourselves in situations that we would like to be different. I believe there are therapeutical tools and techniques very helpful in specific phases of our lives, but I do believe everyone should allow themselves into the experience of going through the psychoanalysis journey so one can have a better understanding of themselves. Although it may sound harsh, I do have an empathic observation of what is brought from my patients, and we constantly work together on alternative solutions, possibilities and scenarios. I am an accessible therapist who does desire a lot of good outcomes to my patients.




NLP Coaching & Therapy

My name is Charmaine Pandya and I am an ABNLP Certified NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner  & Hypnotherapist. I feel passionate and privileged to work with clients using NLPs life changing techniques that work on the unconscious mind and give deeper, quicker and long lasting results. I offer one-to-one coaching and therapy to help individuals reach their desired outcomes.

I have helped hundreds of my clients to

– Overcome Anxiety

– Overcome interFEARances and blocks

– Change behaviours and habits like – procrastination, indecisiveness, lack of confidence.

–  Change limiting beliefs such as -‘ ‘I’m not good enough’

– Deal with trauma, pain or dysfunction.

I am fortunate to have worked with clients in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, India, UK, Europe and the US; from business leaders and executives, health professionals, parents and youth who have benefitted tremendously from NLP Coaching.



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