Welcome to SSEW – a social enterprise catering to empowering long term expats in Singapore.

As an avid member of a multitude of social media expat support groups there was a massive gap that I noticed. As a long term expat I needed to be supported nurtured and cared for but in a different way to newcomers. I felt I spoke a different language. I needed to connect with people who spoke this language which I couldn’t find en masse on Facebook.​

Most groups helped newcomers settle in, adapt to expat life and share information however no one was providing support to long term expats.

I found “Newbie” questions and topics of discussion redundant and repetitive. A group was needed to scratch beneath the surface of newcomer expat life and dig deeper into more relevant and challenging topics of discussion.

I was also damaged from years of losing friendships and the only avenues available to find new friends were aimed at newcomers. This had to change. I also wanted to create a space where anything was possible and everyone had a voice. Most importantly I wanted a judgement free zone – a space where kindness and understanding prevailed.

So I decided to create a new community driven group where each of these issues would be addressed. A group where I could turn the Facebook support group arena on its head. So Seasoned Singapore Expat Women (SSEW) was born. A space where long term expat women can speak the same language, connect, share information, support each other and forge long term friendships in a positive non-judgmental space.

Website is open to all however the requirement to join our closed Facebook group is having lived at least 3 years in Singapore. Oh and agreeing to a space of no judgement and mutual respect. We play nice here.

I hope you enjoy my playground x

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Amazing group led by a fabulous lady! Kudos to you, Nici, for all your efforts! I haven't met any of you yet but hoping to one day!